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Report: Autodesk virtual entertainment conference

01 October 2009 // animation // conference // ai // reaching for Disqus...

Tonight, Autodesk gave a “virtual conference” featuring talks about their products, live-broadcasted, for free on their site. I virtually attended to the portion I was interested in : Ubisoft talking about AI and animation in Prince of Persia.After an epic struggle with RealPlayer (who still uses this piece of *** by the way ?) I managed to get the live feed a few minutes after the start.The prince was not alone, Elika was hereThe focus [...]


12 August 2009 // conference // animation // reaching for Disqus...

This Thursday was my 4th day for this SIGGRAPH, it was also the last day for the exhibition. After a little sleepover my day started by the fist session of technical papers dedicated to character animations, really interesting but quite complex for my bad skills in the domain. Dextrous manipulation from a graping pose. This paper presents a way to compute a character’s hand motion from the motion of the object it handles. As I [...]


07 August 2009 // conference // animation // reaching for Disqus...

Wednesday had been quite a busy day for me, I started the day at 8:30 for a group of technical papers presentation called “Motion Synthesis and Editing”. I’m really not a specialists but it was in interesting, there was three presented papers: Generalizing Motion Edits With Gaussian Processes, it shows a method to refineexisting motions via editing them automatically based on the samples of the desired edit, I didn’t quite get everything (too early I [...]