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Artificial intelligence for games by Ian Millington

25 February 2011 // book // ai // reaching for Disqus...

@MJKlaim i’ve got this one. In fact, im trying to get an overview on what’s actually implemented in the real world. [...]

"Founders at work": testimonials from the history of IT

03 January 2011 // book // development // reaching for Disqus...

I’ve finished reading “Founders at work” by Jessica Livingston during the past holidays. It’s been a very interesting read. There’s two reasons why I liked this book.First, it is a valuable resource concerning IT History, a topic I am fond of. As a matter of fact I think anyone should know well the history of his field of expertise. The lack of chronological references in the computer science courses I followed at school didn’t allow [...]


The most relevant entry point on computational geometry I know

10 December 2010 // book // reaching for Disqus...

Originally a response to @MikkoMononen [...]