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AI Summit 2013

24 April 2013 // conference // ai // reaching for Disqus...

This long overdue post is about my takeaway from this year’s GDC AI Summit, I tried to organize that in rough categories.Spatially located dataOne key part of an AI system is to have meaningful data as input to the decision-making. In most of the games genres, it is very important to have spatially located data and to be able to extract from these meaningful data.Several talks focused on this area: “AI Postmortems - Warframe” by [...]


CASA 2010 report (part 2)

30 November 2010 // conference // crowd simulation // navigation // reaching for Disqus...

I’ve been pretty lazy on this blog this past months… Anyway here’s the end of the CASA report.Crowd Simulation WorkshopThere was many presentations during that day, more or less interesting, a few of them staid in my mind since then. The first one was titled “On the interface between steering and animation for autonomous characters” and was presented by Petros Faloutsos.The authors worked on a problem that every one trying to work on autonomous characters [...]

CASA 2010 report (part 1)

23 June 2010 // conference // crowd simulation // navigation // reaching for Disqus...

Well It’s been a long time since I posted here… I’ve been pretty busy since the beginning of 2010. Anyway, here’s a report of the part of this year CASA I attended to.CASA, the yearly conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents, was held in St Malo, France, from 31/05/10 to 03/06/10 (further information here). As its name implies, the conference focuses are: Animation techniques (motion capture, motion control, physics-based animation…), Social agents (emotions, facial [...]


Report: Autodesk virtual entertainment conference

01 October 2009 // animation // conference // ai // reaching for Disqus...

Tonight, Autodesk gave a “virtual conference” featuring talks about their products, live-broadcasted, for free on their site. I virtually attended to the portion I was interested in : Ubisoft talking about AI and animation in Prince of Persia.After an epic struggle with RealPlayer (who still uses this piece of *** by the way ?) I managed to get the live feed a few minutes after the start.The prince was not alone, Elika was hereThe focus [...]


12 August 2009 // conference // animation // reaching for Disqus...

This Thursday was my 4th day for this SIGGRAPH, it was also the last day for the exhibition. After a little sleepover my day started by the fist session of technical papers dedicated to character animations, really interesting but quite complex for my bad skills in the domain. Dextrous manipulation from a graping pose. This paper presents a way to compute a character’s hand motion from the motion of the object it handles. As I [...]


07 August 2009 // conference // animation // reaching for Disqus...

Wednesday had been quite a busy day for me, I started the day at 8:30 for a group of technical papers presentation called “Motion Synthesis and Editing”. I’m really not a specialists but it was in interesting, there was three presented papers: Generalizing Motion Edits With Gaussian Processes, it shows a method to refineexisting motions via editing them automatically based on the samples of the desired edit, I didn’t quite get everything (too early I [...]

SIGGRAPH: second day

04 August 2009 // conference // development // reaching for Disqus...

This tuesday was the second day of my first SIGGRAPH, not so great though… Let’s evacuate the disappointments: Thinking that they got a booth at the main exhibition, I was too late to get an invitation for the Lucas Film little party (not so bad as my feet are pretty ruined right now); The exhibition in itself is a disappointment to me, the booths are really calm, there’s nothing spectacular, and last, but not least, [...]

First day at SIGGRAPH

04 August 2009 // conference // reaching for Disqus...

I’m happy to be at SIGGRAPH this year, throughout the week I’ll try to post little reports of what I’ve done there. After a very long trip (3 flight and a delay of 2h30 at Atlanta), Stéphane and I arrived at our hotel in New Orleans just in time to dinner and go to bed.Day 1 - First conference day.The conference start badly for me, my registration form had been lost but the payment had [...]

Paris Game AI Conference '09 (part 2)

02 August 2009 // ai // conference // reaching for Disqus...

In this second part I’ll talk about the presentations of day two.Day TwoPanel talk: Advices and tales from the trenches.As I’m not that familiar with game industry this panel about how the work is in game studios was very intersersting to me. What they emphasized most was that it is important to have done, and finish, something yourself (a small game for example) before starting to work in a studio. I know they were trying [...]

Paris Game AI Conference '09 (part 1)

29 July 2009 // ai // conference // reaching for Disqus...

The Paris Game AI Conference took place on June 10th and 11th at the CNAM. It was organised by OK it a little too late for a proper but whatever :) I needed a first real post for the blog ! Almost 200 people from Europe had came to this free event and I had the privilege to be one of them (I was the only one available in the team). The schedule was [...]