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A sample iOS application using Ogre 3D

13 August 2013 // development // masa // reaching for Disqus...

I’m currently working on an iOS demo of MASA LIFE, the AI middleware I’m developping; in fact I’m porting the demo we did for this year’s GDC to iOS. It is called PaperArena, and it is a small capture the flag tank game showcasing the kind of AI you can develop with LIFE. This demo was originally developped for Windows using Ogre 3D.Long story short, while porting LIFE runtime and the core of the PaperArena [...]


"Founders at work": testimonials from the history of IT

03 January 2011 // book // development // reaching for Disqus...

I’ve finished reading “Founders at work” by Jessica Livingston during the past holidays. It’s been a very interesting read. There’s two reasons why I liked this book.First, it is a valuable resource concerning IT History, a topic I am fond of. As a matter of fact I think anyone should know well the history of his field of expertise. The lack of chronological references in the computer science courses I followed at school didn’t allow [...]


std::vector<bool> is NOT a std::vector containing bools

15 February 2010 // development // reaching for Disqus...

Everything in the title, but let me explain… Lately I’ve spent a lot of time trying to make a serialization/deserialization work with the huge piece of software I’m working on at Golaem. Anyway I came across a strange compiler error when trying to deserialize a std::vector<bool>. Here’s what our serialization engine is like: 1 template<T> 2 void read(std::vector<T>& myVector, Bitstream myStream) 3 { 4 unsigned int size; 5 read(size,myStream); 6 vector.resize(size); 7 for (unsigned int [...]


SIGGRAPH: second day

04 August 2009 // conference // development // reaching for Disqus...

This tuesday was the second day of my first SIGGRAPH, not so great though… Let’s evacuate the disappointments: Thinking that they got a booth at the main exhibition, I was too late to get an invitation for the Lucas Film little party (not so bad as my feet are pretty ruined right now); The exhibition in itself is a disappointment to me, the booths are really calm, there’s nothing spectacular, and last, but not least, [...]