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16 October 2011 // golaem // masa // reaching for Disqus...

I’ve been pretty busy this past few months, busy sending resume, cover letters and doing interviews.Let’s go back in time a little bit, in March my girlfriend and I moved from Rennes to Paris (actually Versailles) for her new work. As I didn’t want to quit my current job at Golaem (and they didn’t want me to leave) we decided I was to work remotly from home and come back to Rennes ~2 times per [...]

Airport hall populated with Golaem Crowd

15 September 2011 // golaem // crowd simulation // navigation // reaching for Disqus...

A new showcase video of Golaem Crowd has been published a few days ago. It features our new integration with the rendering engine VRay, but most importantly (from my point of view) it shows the capabilities of our navigation engine. The animation is not that good though, especially compared to the new things we’re developing.Anyway this is a great showcase for the navigation engine I’ve been developing since more than 2 years. The path following [...]

Autonomous agents nursery

10 August 2011 // golaem // reaching for Disqus...

Finally, we’ve got some Golaem Crowd animated eye candy to show to the world !Our partner Mikros Image have produced a wonderfull short showcasing our plugin !We’re now ready to take on the world ! Agents order and more videos at [...]

Golaem Crowd launch

09 April 2011 // golaem // crowd simulation // reaching for Disqus...

For the past few months we’ve been working at Golaem on our new product: Golaem Crowd, a Maya plugin dedicated to crowd simulation for the VFX and animation market. While I didn’t work on the Maya integration, my work on Golaem Path (navigation mesh generation and navigation behaviors) is a major part of the software and provides much added value.For the past hours lots of vfx news sites covered the launch and the generated buzz [...]