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Formation Sketching

09 November 2011 // navigation // paper // reaching for Disqus...

I have updated the Group navigation state-of-the-art report with an interesting article I read a few weeks ago: * Qin Gu and Zhigang Deng. Formation Sketching: An Approach to Stylize Groups in Crowd Simulation. In Graphics Interface. University Houston, Delmar Thomson Learning, 2011I’ve also set up a static page for the report. [...]

Group navigation state-of-the-art report - Part 3, Who's in charge?

19 June 2011 // paper // navigation // reaching for Disqus...

The full article is available here.Who’s in charge?In the previous part, we studied how group members are able to maintain cohesion or stay in formation. In this part, we’ll study how the group, a whole, is able to make navigation decisions: path planning, path following, steering (including collision avoidance) and formation changes.AnchorWhile some behavior might be decentralized (c.f. part 1), in order to leverage groups in a context where we need to make them go [...]

How simple rules determine pedestrian behavior and crowd disasters

14 June 2011 // paper // crowd simulation // reaching for Disqus...

Reading french magazine Marianne this week-end, I was intrigued by a small short talking about the work of two CNRS researchers on crowd dynamics.Knowing the prior work of those two researchers (Medhi Moussaïd and Guy Theraulaz), in particular on small social groups (see my group navigation state-of-the-art report.This article present an cognitive science approach to autonomous navigation based on observation and experimentation. It is quite similar to some of Julien Pettré’s work. To compute the [...]

Group navigation state-of-the-art report - Part 2, Stay Grouped!

19 May 2011 // paper // navigation // reaching for Disqus...

The full article is available here.Stay grouped!In order to get a valid simulation of group navigation we first have to design the behavior of the group members. In this part we’ll study two families of methods to obtain groups: using local rules or following a designed formation. Finally we’ll focus on how a member’s individual navigation behavior is affected when part of a group.EmergenceIn most modern navigation engine, the simulated entities are autonomous, their behavior [...]

Group navigation state-of-the-art report - Part 1, Introduction and Taxonomy

08 May 2011 // paper // navigation // reaching for Disqus...

The full article is available here.IntroductionAutonomous human-like characters being able to navigate in a 3D environment finding their paths and avoiding collisions while exhibiting a convincing behavior is now fairly common. The popularity and the quality of recent work (Van den Berg, Lin, and Manocha 2008; Pettré et al. 2009; Ondrej et al. 2010; Mononen 2010) shows that the simulation of hundreds of navigating entities is now within the reach of almost everyone. But most [...]


Aggregate Dynamics for Dense Crowd Simulation

30 November 2009 // paper // crowd simulation // navigation // reaching for Disqus...

Ming C.Lin’s lab latest work in crowd simulation has been featured in two recent publications from MIG (International workshop on Motion In Games) 2009 and SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 (the article is already published on the author’s website). The method presented int those articles, particularly the latter one, is designed to simulate the navigation behaviors of tens of thousand pedestrians at interactive rates. Let’s see first the eye candy ! Impressed ? So do I, let’s [...]