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Contributions to Recast/Detour

08 October 2013 // recastdetour // masa // navigation // reaching for Disqus...

In a previous post I’ve announced that, as a part of our work on MASA LIFE, the team will work with Recast/Detour and that we would release our updates to the community.This have been effective since the beginning of the summer and we’re just releasing today a new version which is the first to be used in a released version of MASA LIFE, the upcoming (if all goes well, this week) v1.2. Our work is [...]

LIFE with Recast/Detour

21 March 2013 // recastdetour // masa // navigation // reaching for Disqus...

I sent this mail earlier today to the Recast/Detour mailing list. Hello, I’m working on LIFE, the new AI middleware MASA is showcasing at the GDC next week. I am sending you this email to announce that LIFE uses Recast/Detour as its built-in navigation solution. I’d also like to explain how and what we will contribute to this great project. We are committed to open source our development on Recast/Detour for the benefit of the [...]