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Yet another migration

12 May 2012 // site update // reaching for Disqus...

The first post of 2012 (in May… shame on me) is about yet another migration of the site!As you may know Posterous, that I previously used, was bought by twitter. It is pretty sure they will close or at least let die their current service. So I moved everything to GitHub Pages! You can browse and even fork this site’s repository. The setup was a little longer than expected (basically you have to write html [...]


Crowds control has moved

29 November 2009 // site update // reaching for Disqus...

I just finished moving the site to a brand new wordpress hosting of mine, less tinkering and more posting I hope. Also gotten a dedicated domain name Sweet ! [...]

First post - Manifesto

29 July 2009 // site update // reaching for Disqus...

For some times now I have wanted to create some kind of “pro” blog but I never took the time, until now. I’m going to SIGGRAPH for the first time next week and I want a place where I can report some of what I’ll learn there. So here we go !I work since 2006 in 3D related fields : behavioral animation, crowd simulation, virtual realistic cities, authoring tools for 3d content… As I still [...]