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SIGGRAPH: second day

04 August 2009 // conference // development // reaching for Disqus...

This tuesday was the second day of my first SIGGRAPH, not so great though… Let’s evacuate the disappointments:

  • Thinking that they got a booth at the main exhibition, I was too late to get an invitation for the Lucas Film little party (not so bad as my feet are pretty ruined right now);
  • The exhibition in itself is a disappointment to me, the booths are really calm, there’s nothing spectacular, and last, but not least, there aren’t many (new) opportunities for Golaem (potentials customers or partners) ;

On the bright side:

  • This morning Will Wright kenote was really really cool ! He talked about lots of things including human perception, cognitive load, convergences of entertainment medias, social hiveminds & how to use dedicated fans work to improve the experience of casual ones. The way he considers as “entertainment business” sports, TV, videos games, but also painting, music, theater etc. annoy me though.
  • I learned quite intersting stuffs on the Intel booth following a presentation about Larabee (their new processor featuring both traditional x86 and scalar processor on many cores) programming and getting a demo of Parallel studio (plugin to visual C++ allowing the profiling and debugging of parallel code). I had a weird talk with some of their devs though: - “Is it possible to use the open source version of TBB (Thread Building Blocks, a multithread C++ API) in a commercial product ? - “You’ll have to check with your lawyer.” - “Hum, but what Intel’s lawyer would say about it.” - “We don’t know but the official statement is that its Intel best interest if you use it.”
  • I got two Pixar’s renderman teapots !


Day two is over.