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Contributions to Recast/Detour

08 October 2013 // recastdetour // masa // navigation // reaching for Disqus...

In a previous post I’ve announced that, as a part of our work on MASA LIFE, the team will work with Recast/Detour and that we would release our updates to the community.This have been effective since the beginning of the summer and we’re just releasing today a new version which is the first to be used in a released version of MASA LIFE, the upcoming (if all goes well, this week) v1.2. Our work is [...]

A sample iOS application using Ogre 3D

13 August 2013 // development // masa // reaching for Disqus...

I’m currently working on an iOS demo of MASA LIFE, the AI middleware I’m developping; in fact I’m porting the demo we did for this year’s GDC to iOS. It is called PaperArena, and it is a small capture the flag tank game showcasing the kind of AI you can develop with LIFE. This demo was originally developped for Windows using Ogre 3D.Long story short, while porting LIFE runtime and the core of the PaperArena [...]

AI Summit 2013

24 April 2013 // conference // ai // reaching for Disqus...

This long overdue post is about my takeaway from this year’s GDC AI Summit, I tried to organize that in rough categories.Spatially located dataOne key part of an AI system is to have meaningful data as input to the decision-making. In most of the games genres, it is very important to have spatially located data and to be able to extract from these meaningful data.Several talks focused on this area: “AI Postmortems - Warframe” by [...]

LIFE with Recast/Detour

21 March 2013 // recastdetour // masa // navigation // reaching for Disqus...

I sent this mail earlier today to the Recast/Detour mailing list. Hello, I’m working on LIFE, the new AI middleware MASA is showcasing at the GDC next week. I am sending you this email to announce that LIFE uses Recast/Detour as its built-in navigation solution. I’d also like to explain how and what we will contribute to this great project. We are committed to open source our development on Recast/Detour for the benefit of the [...]

Boudica's last stand

21 May 2012 // crowd simulation // reaching for Disqus...

A few weeks ago, I received a mail from a reader of this blog: an ancient history enthusiast. I use novel techniques to try and identify the UK battlefield where the Romans defeated Boudica in 60/61AD. Boudica isn’t just a Civilization IV leader, she is a British ancient heroin who led an uprising against the Romans conqueror and was severely defeated at a not yet identified location (interseting how this story is closed from French’s [...]